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About Seaworld San Antonio

The third largest amusement park in the Sea World chain, Seaworld San Antonio is spread out across more than 250 acres of land and features a marine mammal park, an oceanarium, and an animal theme park. It is owned by Sea World and the SeaWorld San Antonio tickets are the best way to experience this massive attraction. SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio each have their own unique attractions that are well worth exploring. At Discovery Point, you will have the opportunity to have close encounters with animals and even participate in an interactive swim with dolphins, which will bring you right up to their noses. While you are gaining knowledge about these magnificent marine mammals, you will discover the mysteries of sharks and killer whales. In addition to that, there are thrilling rides and entertaining shows.

The Wave Breaker is also known as the Rescue Coaster. During the exciting rescue operation, you will soar sixty feet above the lake in the park. Then, after you've worked up a sweat, cool off at Aquatica by racing down slides alongside stingrays, experiencing the exhilaration of water rides, and unwinding on beaches. Handcrafted to perfection with meticulous attention to your comfort, the Seaworld San Antonio tickets promise you unadulterated fun and thrill!

Your Seaworld San Antonio Tickets Explained

There are several types of tickets to match the needs of every tourist. You can choose from one of the many available options like Single Day Any Day Ticket, Single Day Ticket with All Day Dining, 2 Day Flex Ticket, 3 Day Flex Ticket, and Silver Pass. The best part about the Seaworld San Antonio tickets is that they are available at heavily slashed prices when compared with the hefty gate prices. Hence, it is recommended to book in advance, and save a penny with the Seaworld San Antonio tickets. All the tickets are the skip-the-line ones and so, you never have to worry about the serpentine queues at the gate!

Get Your Best Combo Deals for San Antonio Tickets

SeaWorld San Antonio and Aquatica 3-Day Flex

This ticket grants you admission to SeaWorld San Antonio and Aquatica for a total of three (3) consecutive days between the two theme parks. If you have this ticket, you can bypass the line at the gate and head straight to the rides. You can get started by going to SeaWorld San Antonio for the first time and taking in all of the amazing shows, indulging in all of the exciting rides, and having the most memorable experiences possible with the animals. After that, you can go to the Aquatica water park and participate in any of the water activities that are available there.

San Antonio Aquarium & Seaworld San Antonio Ticket Combo

This is one of the most comprehensive SeaWorld San Antonio tickets available, and it allows you to visit two aquatic-based attractions in San Antonio at the same time. At the San Antonio Aquarium, you can engage in a variety of exhilarating activities, such as snorkelling with stingrays, feeding the sharks, and more. After that, you can go on to explore the theme park at SeaWorld San Antonio, where you can ride exciting rides like Rescue Coaster, watch upbeat shows, and even meet a penguin. With this combo package, you can choose from different tickets seaworld san antonio options, such as 1-day tickets, SeaWorld tickets with all-day dining, 2- or 3-day/2-park Flex tickets, and season passes that include admission to the Aquatica water park.

Why Should You Book Seaworld San Antonio Tickets Online?

  • Book Your Tickets In Advance Millions of people from all over the world visit Seaworld San Antonio every day because it is such a popular attraction. Advance Seaworld San Antonio tickets purchases protect against last-minute disappointment by guaranteeing you a seat. Even during the busiest times of the year, you can save money by planning ahead.

  • Convenient With different packages, such as the Single Day Ticket with All-Day Dining, the 2 Day Flex Ticket, the 3 Day Flex Ticket, and the Silver Pass, you can choose one that fits your budget and schedule. Since all the tickets Seaworld San Antonio let you skip the line, you'll never have to worry about the long lines at the gate.

  • Best Deals and discountsThe best thing about the Seaworld tickets San Antonio is that, in comparison to the exorbitant prices that are charged at the gate, online booking comes with a significant discount. Therefore, please make your reservations in advance with us so that you can get a discount on the Seaworld San Antonio tickets.

Rides at Seaworld San Antonio

Texas Stingray

With a drop of one hundred feet, this wooden roller coaster is Texas' tallest, fastest, and longest attraction of its kind. This ride has a top speed of 55 miles per hour, which is fast enough to send shivers down the spine of even the most courageous riders.

Riptide Rescue

This brand-new and exciting spinner ride features gondolas, each of which can accommodate two riders, in the mid-flying arms of the ride. As soon as the ride begins, you will continue to spin, swoop, and dive in order to protect one of the most beloved yet critically endangered species in the ocean.

Sea Swinger

The Sea Swing will send you on an arc upwards, then send you flying in the opposite direction to the same point, all in a matter of seconds. Up to 16 riders will be able to get a real thrill at the same time and catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery around them.

Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster

You race out over the lake on a vehicle resembling a jet-ski, launching yourself into the air at heights of up to 60 feet and banking and turning along a track that is 2,600 feet long. This family entertainer is a key attraction at the theme park.

Great White Roller Coaster

This is an extreme thrill ride in which riders will travel at speeds of up to nearly 50 miles per hour on a floorless track that features dizzying loops, corkscrews, and exciting curves. This roller coaster has the ability to make your heart skip a beat due to its 360-degree loops.

Steel Eel Hypercoaster

Another one of the hair-raising rides, this one is a hypercoaster that begins with a drop of fifteen stories straight down, then continues with a series of camelbacks that give riders brief moments of weightlessness. For those who want to experience virgin thrills, this is the place to be.

Experiences at Seaworld San Antonio

Orca Encounter

Explore the role that play plays in the lives of orcas, as well as delve deeper into the orcas' highly refined hunting strategies. Find out what SeaWorld is doing to ensure the wellbeing of the killer whales in our care. At the end of the Orca Encounter experience, you will feel a greater appreciation for these magnificent animals.

Ocean Discovery- Beluga Whales and Dolphins

This show is an incredible display in which athletic Pacific white-sided dolphins and elegant beluga whales interact with one another in a playful manner. Watching the dolphins soar up to about 20 feet above water is truly a sight to behold. This kid-friendly, inspirational show inspires the guests to protect and preserve animals and their habitats.

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight

At this show, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about the California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters, as well as watch them perform and gain insight into their individual characteristics, abilities, and behaviours. You will learn where they reside in the wild, the dangers they face, and the straightforward actions you can take to aid in the conservation of these animals.

Elmo Rocks Show

This show is a must-see if you're going to SeaWorld San Antonio with kids. Help Elmo get to his goal of putting on the best rock concert ever. Elmo and his friends save the day by making their own rock 'n' roll band, and you can move and groove with them.

Sesame Street Photo Ops

When you go to this show, which takes place at the Nautilus Amphitheater, you will feel as though you have been transported back in time to a night in Victorian London. See how the actors bring the show to life with their boundless enthusiasm and lead the audience on a spooky journey.

Know Before You Book Seaworld San Antonio Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach
Dining and Shopping
  • Location:

10500 SeaWorld Dr

  • Timings:

Park hours and schedules are updated periodically. If a date you are looking for does not show a specific schedule, please check back within one or two weeks prior to your chosen date.

- From the Middle of San Antonio: Drive south on I-37 to Highway 90 West. Turn off of Highway 151 West. Turn left at the Westover Hills Blvd. exit. The entrance to SeaWorld® is right at the end of Westover Hills Blvd.

- From the North (Airport area): Take the SeaWorld exit off of Loop 410 West. Turn left on Westover Hills Blvd. from Highway 151 West. The entrance to SeaWorld is right at the end of Westover Hills Blvd.

- From the South (Corpus Christi, Pleasanton): Get off of I-37 North at the Highway 90 West exit. Turn left on Westover Hills Blvd. from Highway 151 West. The entrance to SeaWorld is right at the end of Westover Hills Blvd.

- The West (Del Rio, Uvalde): Drive east on Highway 90 to Loop 1604. Turn left on Loop 1604. Take Ellison Drive by turning right. Follow Ellison Drive to find the entrance to SeaWorld.

- From the East (Seguin, Houston): Drive west on I-10, which turns into Highway 90 West. Drive west on Highway 90 until you reach Highway 151. Turn left when you get to Westover Hills Blvd. The entrance to SeaWorld is right at the end of Westover Hills Blvd.

- From Dallas or Austin: Drive south on I-35 to Loop 410 West. Drive west on Highway 151 to Westover Hills Blvd. At Westover Hills Blvd., go left. The entrance to SeaWorld is right at the end of Westover Hills Blvd.

- The West (El Paso, Kerrville): Drive east on I-10 to Loop 1604. Loop 1604 is on the right. Get off Highway 151 East at Westover Hills Blvd. At Westover Hills Blvd., go right. The entrance to SeaWorld is right at the end of Westover Hills Blvd.

At SeaWorld San Antonio, visitors can choose from a variety of dining establishments, including sit-down restaurants serving barbecue, pizza, burgers, and plant-based options as well as various snack shops located throughout the park. The Lone Star Lakeside Bar, Harbor Market, Pretzel Kitchen, Rio Grill, and Rosita's Cafe are just a few of the more well-known establishments here that you can check out with the tickets Seaworld San Antonio.

At Adventure Gifts, Pin Trading Depot, Discovery Point Gifts, Currents, and the SeaWorld Store, amongst many other shops, one can buy mementos and other necessities to take home with them.

FAQ's of Seaworld San Antonio Tickets

Can I bring a backpack into SeaWorld San Antonio?

Backpacks are allowed in the park, but they are checked when you get in. Each person can bring one bottle of water into the park. You can't bring your own food, drinks, or coolers into SeaWorld San Antonio, but you can bring a bottle of water or a water bottle that can be refilled. Food for visitors with food allergies and formulas for babies are allowed inside.

Do you need Advance booking of SeaWorld San Antonio Tickets?

Guests can now go to the parks without making a reservation and without any limits, since the park, rides, attractions, food and drink stands, and shops are all open. But if you reserve them ahead of time with the San Antonio SeaWorld tickets, you'll be sure to get a spot and can go straight to the gates.

Can I bring food into SeaWorld San Antonio?

No, outside food is not allowed inside SeaWorld San Antonio. However, special food for visitors with medical complications or food allergies and baby formulas are let in

How much does Seaworld San Antonio tickets cost?

The gate price of one Any Day Seaworld tickets San Antonio is $79.99/ea for adults and varies depending on the package chosen. Children under 3 years of age can enter for free and do not need San Antonio Seaworld tickets.

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